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10 Easy and Effective Ways to Save Money


Just like you have a lot of excuses why you’re not saving money, there are also plenty of ways available to save more money. Here are some of the 10 easiest ways to save money. Try a few of these money-saving habits and commit to them in a few months and you’ll see a huge difference in your financial life.

Write down your expenses

If you’re serious with saving money, you need to start a new habit. Buy a handy notebook and a pen. Then write down all your expenses. The habit will make you more conscious with your spending and you’ll also have a clear picture of where your money went. You’ll realize that if you only plan your spending better, you’ll have more money left for savings.

Set-up automatic savings

One of the most tested and proven ways to make savings easier is to set-up an automatic arrangement with your bank. When your savings is automatic, you don’t have to think about it. Automatic savings means the money is “out of sight, out of mind.” Soon enough, you wouldn’t even notice you’ve been transferring money to another account and you’ll learn to live with what’s left of your income after the savings have been deducted.

Downgrade your contract phone plan

According to surveys, majority of contract phone subscribers are overspending on their phone bill. You might be one of those subscribers. If you don’t want to be a part of the statistics, you might want to reconsider downgrading your contract phone plan especially if you’re not maximizing your call, text and data allowance anyway.

Carry cash

Carrying cash may be outdated in this day and age but doing so save you a whole lot of money in the long run. When you’re carrying cash, you are more conscious with your spending. When the cash runs out, you don’t have any other choice but to stop spending. Though inconvenient, carrying cash once in a while makes perfect financial sense.


Leave the credit cards at home

If you don’t want to be tempted to indulge in impulsive buys, you might want to leave the credit cards at home if you’re going out or going to the mall. Just follow the previous tip and you wouldn’t have to deal with instant gratification problems.

Eat out less

When you’re eating out most often than not then there’s no more perfect time than now to do it less. If you want to save money, you’d want to cut your eating out to once a week. If you do eat out, make it a treat for yourself so it serves as a reward for eating out less for the entire month.

Make a list

When you go to the groceries, make sure you have a list of things you need to buy. If you can, carry cash so you’re not tempted to overspend. You’d also want to shop for groceries when you’re full so you buy less food.


Cancel subscriptions

If you have gym memberships, magazine subscriptions then you might want to consider cancelling a few of them. If you’re going to be honest with yourself, you don’t really need most of them. Might as well cancel some of these subscriptions and set aside the monthly fee for savings instead.


Cook food in batches

Learn how to cook food in batches. You can prepare a casserole during the weekends, freeze the food and just reheat them through the weekdays. Cooking your own food and doing so in batches will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Avoid the mall

If you don’t want to be tempted then don’t go to the mall. It doesn’t really get any clearer than that. If you must go to the mall, carry cash and make sure you have your spending planned well.